Cloud Database querying using Excel and SQL

Course Description

This is a hands-on introduction to querying cloud-based databases using Excel and explores the simplest way to get data from the cloud with SQL. Effective use of SQL and examples of its use in modern Data Analysis will be covered and visualisation of the data to ascertain key business insights will be demonstrated, allowing participants to implement new skills in their roles.

Duration: 1 days


No specific pre-requisites. The course is aimed at professionals at all levels who are required to analyse and interpret data as part of their role.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: • Define the role of data in your organization, the different type of data formats, where the data is stored and how to retrieve it • Recognise the role that different software systems have in an organization and how data can be collected and integrated together to provide an overall picture of the organization • Formulate the steps required to transform original data into the format that is required for a detailed report and record the steps appropriate to reproducing the report required when new data is available in the next period. • Understand the use of SQL Querying to return data that is relevant to the business. • Be familiar with the concept of Data Modelling in Excel and how models are refreshed.

Summary content

• Database principles - cloud based Databases • Using Excel Power Query to connect to a database • Data Selection Queries – Using SQL Select Clause • Using Filter criteria – Using SQL Where Clause • Grouping Data and Filtering • Joining Tables, understanding relationships • The Use of Keys in Joining tables together • Excel PowerPivot for Data analysis • Azure SQL Databases – refreshing data model from the Cloud. • Using Excel Data Visuals to represent the Data Model.


Cloud Database querying using Excel and SQL 2024-05-28 Online
Cloud Database querying using Excel and SQL 2024-11-27 Online

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